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My mother gave birth to me on a Sunday at 17:45 under the blink of a half moon. My parents baptized me with my official name Brigitte and was shortly labeled with a number to be registered like men pierce the ears of their cows to control their animals.

My eyes, clear white with a gemstone that changes with my inner light from green to blue, to grey, are described as magical as I often make spells of joy and love with them.


Since my early childhood, I always felt different from other earthlings. Nothing made sense to me except for living in a world filled with animals, love & natural fantasies. 


I loved lying in the grass gazing at cloud figurines, observing insect behaviors, chasing cows on the grasslands, making camps in the cornfields and going for secret outdoor toilet programs. (still I do)

I never quite succeeded in chasing all my dreams as I mostly disagreed with something that wasn't quite as per my gut feeling and so satisfied those unfulfilled desires with what life had offered instead.

​Besides expressing myself in any creative way,  I was always secretly intrigued by the subject of "spirituality" and worshiping "something".

Christianity didn't make sense to me so instead I followed Sanathana Dharma, a philosophy from which the religion Hinduism derived. When one looks into the deeper meaning behind the complex symbolism of this colorful religion, one understands the greater meaning of life. It's simply logic that:

  • The Sun, Moon, and other planets, are Gods & Goddesses influencing life on Earth.

  • Our planet Earth also takes her place in the matrix of the entire cosmos and changes according to changes.

  • "Time" doesn't exist and was a creation by people

  • "Death", a fear-believe of people becomes "immortal"

  • We have 3 bodies (body, mind, soul) and are made out of 5 elements

  • "Emotions" are to be expressed and art forms are important creations of Divine energies as they come from deep within.

  • We and all living things transmit energies and frequencies - Yes, we are not alone!

  • Water is etheric, and so is a cosmic connector to amplify our electricity.

  • "Traditions" of ancestors teach us natural, ecological ways of living in harmony with everything.

  • Studying the Ancient Vedic sciences of Yoga, Jyotisha, and Ayurveda bring light into one's life.

Today, I feel extremely grateful for the many life experiences and opportunities I was given and able to explore, the different cultures I have lived, and the countless people who influenced and inspired me, and that made me look at things differently. All of these encounters have intensely helped me to grow as a blissful human being on Earth.

About Me

​"May my endless joy, enthusiasm, my voice or teachings, Art and Dreamtime stories inspire others to make a choice. 
A choice, to tune in with their own nature and to live boundless and free with respect and in harmony with themselves and our planet Earth and its inhabitants.

Even when at times, when I feel despair, I am still hopeful for today's world
and hope my voice somehow makes a small difference to humanity and life on Earth. 

Always believe in the beauty of the little things around us, stay present in every moment,
and may all our hearts connect with the Divine."
With Gratitude, Love & light

Om śantiḥ, śantiḥ, śantiḥ

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