"What’s left of someone’s creation,

becomes another’s innovation"

"As I move my pencil I can feel tiny granite grains rolling in the nerves of my paper. Through my pencil I feel the softness, ... the hardness of the pressure I apply. The thickness of my sketch, the thinness of the line is all in my hands. There is little room for error but mistakes are easily made. At times I need to erase my failures that will always remain in an under-layer. Regardless how many times I need to restart, 

moving forward is my only way." ~ Mata


Mata art created with love for the world.

"I say no to digital Art ... Art is made by heart,

through feelings free flowing, from pencil, to brush, to pen."

 My artwork is solely made by hand. Medium used: pencil, Steadtler pigment liner pens, watercolours or acrylic. Next to painting, I write stories, quotes and opinion texts which you can discover and read on my blogpage "Talks & Tales". 

Contact me here for any creative enquiries or collaborations including creative writing & graphic art. 

mail.matahart@gmail.com                                                                                                © 2017 by Brigitte M. G. created by Wix.com

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