When one is free, one creates ... I've always had a great love for art, music, dance and performance arts. Nature and my environment are my greatest inspirations to design and produce little works of art.


In 2018 I graduated in Belgium as an Art teacher. There is gained experience as an art-teacher (visual arts) in several schools. Prior to my formal training as a teacher I already gained experiences with universities and schools teaching English and organizing various activities and workshops implementing creative activities, art,  yoga, movement, mantra's, & meditation. I focus on reconnect children and adults with their inner being and to give them an unforgettable moment of joy.



Despite my knee being displaced since birth, causing other injuries, surgeries and countless visits to therapist and physiologists, I never stopped training and studying the body and mind.


I have an extensive background in various sport disciplines such as gymnastics, dance, martial arts, open water swimming. I became a Pilates & Yoga instructor not only to rehabilitate myself but to help others to strengthen their body and to raise postural awareness.

Due to my own experiences and having worked with various physiotherapist, sport physicians and osteopaths I take great care and attention for all my students.


All my classes whether group or private emphasis on postural alignments, breathe control and bringing balance to the body and mind. I implement all my knowledge into my sessions and accommodate to my clients needs.