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Your Astrology in a piece of ArT

"Healing through Art with the Science of Light."

In Vedic traditions, jyotiṣa [ज्योतिस्, “Science of Light - “Spiritual Light”] derives from the Sanskrit word jyót “light, heavenly body". It is the traditional system of Vedic (Hindu Indian) Astrology. It is one of the six auxiliary disciplines of the study of the Vedas. This division of knowledge was developed alongside Ayurveda and is used to assess our personal tendencies, characteristics, life lessons, karmic (actions) patterns, and obstacles to overcome. A precise calculation that is helping us to pursue the best opportunities to succeed in our lives.


Based on this, yantra's or mystical diagrams were used in tantric ritual practices as an aid to healing our astrological malfixes related to our personal birth star constellation. Our birth and lives are influenced by the position of the sun, moon, mars, mercury, venus,  ... the entire solar system, and the universe all linked to the names of the "Gods or Goddesses" represented in Hinduism. These energies or frequencies can bring to us certain emotions and feelings, it defines our character and inner journey. As well as influences of time, space, and the attraction of outward energies. On the left, you see a traditional Śrī Yantra, representing the entire universe.

Painting for me is a meditative practice where I can let fully go and connect with other realms. Since I paint for you, this means I connect with you and your entire star constellation. Your own personal world. For this, I need your birth details to do my research and a brief introduction about your life, your aspirations, and any hurdles you would like to share. Note, I do not make predictions but use your birth chart only. It is important to share about your life and where you are now today. So I can understand what you may have already healed or understood.

A few examples you find below. For your own complete the Constellation Request form or give me a free call to get more clarity.

Sri Yanrta.jfif

Above Śrī Yantra:  represents the Goddess, "Devi Tripura Sundari" the natural beauty of the three worlds.

The square represents the gates of the 10 main cardinal directions, North (Uttara), South (Dakṣīṇa), East (Pūrva), West (Paścima), Northeast (Īśānya), Southeast (Āgneya), Northwest (Vāyavya), Southwest, (Nairṛtya), Zenith (Ūrdhvā), Nadir (AdhaH) holding the energy of the "deity" we evoke upon. I see them as portals to merge with higher Divine realms.

Constellation Request Form 
For your Personal piece of  Art

Size of the artwork:  15 x 15 cm

Medium used: paper, pencil, gouache water paint, airliners, and gold/silver oil paint pens. 

Astrology research & artwork:  take about 8hrs of my time & energy - Prior to this a personal conversation (1hr/1.5hr) is to be held so I can hear your voice.


Since I work on intuition and feeling, there is no deadline or timeframe. My base indication for a donation is  85.99€  (+- the price of a private class/massage of 1.5hr)

Upon delivery, a brief explanation of the painting with birth chart is given. As well as personal guidance, to overcome obstacles and difficulties in your life. I can also assist with yoga & pilates therapy and ritual practices to make more space for more light and bliss in your life.

Important note: I give my best to create with my love something beautiful. Please be free with no expectations, and be grateful for the gift you will receive.

Thanks for submitting! Please be patient (limited internet), I will get back to you as soon as I receive your message.

With love and light, Mata

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