Art & Graphic Design

  • Ekamra Walks Artwork, Detour Odisha 2019

  • Logo for Prakritik Planet, Assam 2019

  • Logo for Nura therapy (dragonfly) 2017

  • Logo Green Surf Adventure, Goa 2014

  • MataArt, Art of a Card project 2014

  • International Art Festival 2014, Jaipur

Art Teacher, Educator & Student Coach

Art & English Teacher – Belgium (2016-2018)

  • Life drawing & collages, grade 2, TIHF

  • Print techniques, grade 2, Steinerschool

  • English, grade 2, KAA, Anderlecht (GO!)

  • English, CLL Language Centre, Brussel 

- Parascolair Kids Level A1, Nivelle. 

- Teens Level A2, Wolluwe Saint-Pierre

Educational Projects



Sept 2019 – April 2021, Brussels Belgium

  • Restorative Pilates & Breathwork - Bodyfit 

OCT 2016 – July 2018, Brussels Belgium

  • Pilates & Body Care - Aspria (till 2018)

  • Reformer Pilates - Bodywork Pilates Studio 

  • Yoga & Pilates Instructor  - Kokyudo Centre 

  • Yoga & Pilates Instructor - BYP Brussels 

  • Pilates - Santosha Centre, Schaerbeek 

JAN 2011 – FEB 2015, Global
Pilates & co-teacher African dance
Private Pilates instructor – Sydney, Australia


Dancing Rain Creative Art Festival

- Kids 7 day Element and Art Workshop

- Education of the 5 elements through Yoga activities, movement, and playing in and with nature

- Collaboration Artwall: "We love our animals"

Family Day PicNic

- Kids & Parent Introduction to Yoga

My School
- Facilitate Creative Expressive Art Workshop
- Facilitate School Camp “Out of the Box” ~ Outdoor Games, Art, Yoga, Meditation & Storytelling

Student Interaction project - University and Colleges
- Interaction with the members of the University and students on the importance of languages
- Interaction with the girls boarding division about female empowerment.
- Facilitation of Typography Workshop
- External jury member for English Comms

Co-teaching Art, English & Value Education - Elementary & Primary International School.

Volunteer English Teacher


​"May my endless joy, enthusiasm, my voice or teachings, Art and Dreamtime stories inspire others to make a choice. 

A choice, to tune in with their own nature and to live in harmony with themselves.

Boundless and free with respect for our Earth and its inhabitants.

Even when at times, when I feel despair, I am still hopeful for today's world

and hope my voice somehow makes a small difference to humanity and live on Earth. 

Always believe in the beauty of the little things around us, stay present in every moment,

and may all our hearts connect with the Divine."

With Gratitude, Love & light

Om śantiḥ, śantiḥ, śantiḥ