Pranam blessed,

Thank you for taking your time in looking at my site.

I'd like to take my time to respond to your inquiry and will do so as soon as I can.

In the meantime ...

BE GRATEFUL to all what is given to you.

We all have unique talents, ACCEPT & LOVE who you are.

LEARN FLAWS, perfection doesn't exist.

SELF-CARE, nurture your body, mind & soul.

FEED YOURSELF KNOWLEDGE, instead of ignorance

Let yourself challenge by change, BE OPEN TO RECEIVE.

FORGIVE OTHERS, help them to see.

Be conscious and aware of others, RESPECT ALL.

Support your community, SERVE, GIVE.

Love, Be Present & Happy Today, every day

With Gratitude, love & light

Mata ❤ (Brigitte Gouwy)

Use the booking forms on the homepage or connect with me directly  via

Alternatively search for me in the ancient, mystic forest of Belgium or Sacred jungles of India to join me for a healing bath in the pure waters and have barefooted forest walk.

ps.I work solely in Seva (selfless services / donation-based) for the greater good of humanity. Contributions can be made using the PayPal Donation button.