Restorative  Bodywork & Yoga therapy

Learning the bio-mechanics of our body in practice due to my own rehabilitation wasn’t always the most pleasant experience. 


Since my childhood, I was working with many different doctors, physiotherapists and osteopaths to restore my own knee which was misplaced by birth causing other injuries to different body parts. 

Eventually it was the work of ancient Ayurvedic manipulation techniques combined with natural medicine and yoga therapy that restored my structure.


Today all of the above is an advantage to my work as a restorative body therapist. I use many of the techniques I have learned from these specialists while implementing my own knowledge of years of training as a certified Pilates and Yoga Instructor with a basic knowledge in Ayurveda and massage.

- Post-operative & sport rehabilitation

- Reinforcement of the stabilizing muscles

- Breathing techniques

- Health coach & sport adviser