Educational Projects

"Life is a individual journey of constant learning, discoveries and continuous development of our individual being."

~ Mata ~

The children of Nepal were my inspiration, my drive to become a teacher. Education is the most valuable source to life skills and starts within the womb of our mother, with our parents, our family.

​Whatever we perceive, experience, comprehend leaves imprints, develops certain qualities and gives u knowledge.

My view on education is learning through discovery, experience and repeating daily practice. We can read as much as we want from the books but if we don’t know how to set our sails, we could drown in the storm.


My educational 

projects focus on bringing the child back within. To raise self-awareness and consciousness through implementing various practices, meditation and sensory exercises.


In today's world we are easily distracted by our virtual world. Children suffer from concentration problems and our youth from early depression.


 My aim is to reconnecting children, youngsters and adults back with their natural being. As well as bringing them aware of the importance of our vital planet Earth and the importance of the 5 great elements that play a major role in our daily lives.

Activities can include

My educational workshops are custom designed based on the children or students their ages, needs and the educational institutions requirements.

 They can include Pilates, yogic practices, movements, guided meditation, sensory exercises and creative activities.

Five Great Element Workshops

Reconnecting with our planet and learn more about the impact of the 5 great elements. Includes Movement, Sound,

Art & Meditation

Creative Art Workshops

Drawing / life drawing / painting / landscape sculpting / sound /

Recycling Art

Ayurveda Diet Workshop 

Everyone is differently build, therefore one it's diet may not apply to you. Learn more about your body and the healthy foods it's needs. How to eat and what to eat for a proper digestion

and a good health.


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