Earth Energizers

  • Reset your soul to nature

  • Be as fluid as water

  • Dance like the air

  • Merge with space using sacred sounds

  • Purify the soul with the air you breath

  • Detoxify with your internal fire

  • Use your creativity to express your nature

My healing with nature workshops are custom designed based on my public, environment and client requirements

 They can include Pilates, yogic practices, free movements, guided meditation, sensory exercises, sound therapy and creative activities as outlined below.

Five Great Element Workshops

Reconnecting with our planet and learn more about the impact of the 5 great elements. Includes Movement, Sound, Art & Meditation

Creative Art Workshops

Drawing / life drawing / painting / landscape sculpting / sound

Ayurveda Diet Workshop 

Everyone is differently build, therefore one it's diet may not apply to you. Learn more about your body and the healthy foods it's needs. How to eat and what to eat for a proper digestion and a good health.

Contact me here to custom design your retreat or for any other enquires