Pilates initially called Contrology was originated by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900. He developed his

exercise program to improve strength, balance, postural alignment, breath and body control.

Working from precise postural alignments and emphasizing anatomically correct positions, we move consciously with the breathe, in control to strengthen, stabilize and center our bodies and to create physical balance.

Both Yoga and Pilates teach us to move mindfully with control and within our own range of motion. Postural correction, core strength, working with body alignments are a focus point of Pilates.

Pilates has helped me and many others to

- regain strength after injuries

- control movements and conscious breathe awareness

- enhancing other sports activities.


While teaching Pilates and Yoga I implement my knowledge of both into both activities. I ensure my asana work is done according to the postural alignment working safely with the body and a quiet, focused mind is kept during Pilates activities.