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Worship to me isn't a must nor a desire, but it is something what makes me feel real, what makes me feel complete.

In today's world we forget to pay gratitude, to be grateful for what is given to us ... and to say THANK YOU.


Pay gratitude to our planet who nurtures us daily with vital sources such as nutritious food, water, clean air and lots more. To the sun, the moon and the entire galaxy because all influences our life here on Earth.

Respect and bow to your parents for giving you this live, for teaching you your first steps, for giving you love, support and faith in your choices.

Remember and be grateful to those whom guided you, who taught you. To those who brought you knowledge and life skills, your ancestors, grandparents and parents. From the many teachers you had from kindergarten, to the people that brought you wisdom into your adulthood. Remember even those who mistreated or cheated you. Perhaps they were a part of your life lesson, if not learn to forgive those for their wrongdoings.

Be grateful to yourself, the person you are grown in with the inner wisdom and guide within you. Your beauty, your strength, your love, your weakness, your anger, your sorrow and your joy. Embrace all.

Today, I say forgive me for my ignorance, my wrongdoings such as inappropriate speech or actions, or becoming upset because of my own frustrations and negative thoughts ... 

Today, I say thank you for everything what is given to me, my shelter that keeps me safe, the food I eat and shared with the hungry ones and the water I drank ... Thank you for the people I met and thank you for the work I accomplished, even if it wasn't finished I succeeded in what I completed today.

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