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New Years Wishes

Another year has past, a new has just begun. The vicious circle of life, 365 days every year starting on the first of January ending on the 31 of December. But within that space of 365 days we experience every day new things, we receive, we learn, we give. This sometimes without realising because we forgotten how to perceive and lost the ability to look beyond the hidden track.

The daily practice of Vedic Philosophy and yoga brings awareness to our actions and gives us clarity in what we seek.

Ayushi wishes everyone a bright new year filled with new exciting experiences, new learning opportunities, a good health, strong caring lasting friendships, lots of joy, love and laughter.

I'll just keep spreading my seeds of love ...

Much love and gratitude to all.

Om śāntih śāntih śāntih,

Mata (brigitte)

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