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"Stepping into the mystics of 9 nights" - Shardiya Navratri

​About a year ago I was lucky to witness my first Navatri puja in Varanasi unfortunately this year I won’t be joining my Babbaji (wise father) to his hometown in Rajasthan to observe the 10 days of VRAT (fasting) and moan (silence).

Winds have blown me to different shores and therefore I will be joining the retreat elsewhere to merge, as many other great sages and yogi’s, with the divine female forces that plunge down on this Earth to bestow us with inner bliss, spiritual insight, peace and prosperity.

Vedic philosophy is based on natural and astrological science. Most festivals celebrated in the Hindu traditions emphasis on an important shift in nature. Without their knowledge wise man created these events for the general public to make them perform certain deeds that would benefit their well-being during auspicious timings based on the moon and planetary fases.

It is known for ages that the moon has a mystic influence on our beings and the Earth. Radiating us with healing powers, bringing strength, life and creativity. She regulates the menstrual cycle of woman, she regenerates, purifies and activates growth of our vegetation and thus creates life on Earth. During these auspicious times we have the ability to connect our own Divine energies with the greater forces of our cosmos.

In today’s world where most woman act as fierce warriors driven by this man world, we often forget to connect and release that tender sweet Divine nectar (amrit) that flows from our hearts. Our connection with our inner feminine and our nature as loving caring mother, creators of this mighty Universe.

The importance of the female energies (Shakti) is being highlighted in Hinduism due the many female deities which were created (there are more Goddesses than Gods). With each one of them signifying an important dynamism.

Navatri is the time for us to connect with the 9 great powers (energies) of Maha Shakti (Great Feminine Forces). During Navatri we will be confronted with battling out inner demons, facing our fears to overcome our weakness and at last be bestowed with, with grace, spiritual wisdom and prosperity.

Join me in this Sadhana where we purify ourselves from our inner demons and external disturbances with the help from Durga Ma. Let us reconnect joyfully with the Divine powers of our being and the universe. May Laxmi Ma shower rains of bliss, prosperity and abundance and may Saraswati Ma bestow us with creativity, insight and knowledge so our lives blossom to sprout fruits.

Happy Navatri!

Bless & love,


DAY 1-3 Durga / Kali Mata

During the first three days, dedicated to Durga/Kali Mata, we learn to control the negative influences of the planet Rahu. She destroys our impurities, our desires (false obsessive ideas), our sins, defects and fears that keep us tied to the material world and makes us a part of unending vicious circle of desires and disappointments. She grants us with purity and perfection.

Mantra: "Om Dhum Durgayai Namaha" (Chant a 1008 rounds or 108)

DAY 4-6 Laxmi Mata

Rules by the planet Venus, Laxmi Mata destroys the demon of poverty and grant inexhaustible spiritual wealth and abundance. She ensures us with new things that ethically make us happy, wealthy, and prosperous.

Mantra:"Om Rim Shrim Lakshmibhyo Namah" (Chant a 1008 rounds or 108)

DAY 7-9 Saraswati Mata

Saraswati's energy is essential for discrimination, academics and to perform well in artistic pursuits. Destroying our ignorance, she grants us with knowledge, insights and divine wisdom

Mantra:"Om Aim Saraswatiaye Namaha" (Chant a 1008 rounds or 108)



Day 1 (Pratipada) ~ Shailaputri, "Daughter of Mountain" is an incarnation of Parvati (Durga). The Goddess Parvati is the concort of Shiva. Embodied with vigorous powers of the trinity Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh (Shiva) she rides the bull Nandi and holds the trishul (trident) in her hand to destroy our physical world so we can transcendent with the ultimate reality. She is considered to be a direct incarnation of Maha Kali her colour is red.

Day 2 (Dwitiya) ~ Goddess Brahmcharini here Parvati is Sati, her unmarried self. Blissfully she is endowed with happiness, peace, prosperity and grace. Walking barefooted holding a mala (praying beads) and kamandalu (water pot) in her hands she is blissfully endowed with the grace of Divine happiness and prosperity. Worshiping her will enrich your live with spiritual wealth and moksha (ultimate liberation).

Royal Blue depicts calmness-cum-energy and should be worn on this day.

Day 3 (Tritiya) ~ Goddess Chandraghantathe. After marrying Shiva, Parvati is adorned her forehead with half lit moon or (Chandraghantathe). The crescent moon symbolises healing, peace and calmness. Embodied with beauty, grace and tranquility she stand symbol for bravery. Yellow is the colour of courage.

Day 4 (Chaturthi): Kushmunda is considered the Creator of the Universe using her powers she is giving green flora to the our dearest planet Mother Earth. With eight arms holding various ornaments she sits peacefully on a tiger creating life for all.

Day 5 (Panchami): Riding a fierce lion Skandmata, mother of Skand (Kartikeya) is holding her baby securely. The one chosen by the Gods to become their commander in their fight against evil demons. She will just like a tornado, turn grey and destroy anything or anyone who tries to harm her child. Skandmata represents the vulnerability of a mother protecting her child.

Day 6 (Saṣṭha): Born to the great sage Katya, Katyayani, is an incarnation of Durga and known as the warrior goddess. She is considered one of the most violent forms of Goddess Parvati and known for her immense courage. Dressed in orange, the Devi rides a lion and has four hands.

Day 7 (Saptmi): Considered the most ferocious avatar of the Goddess Kali (Durga), Kalaratri kills her demons with her powerful three eyes, fearless posture and a breath burning with fire. In contrast to her black skin she is dressed in white, to represent peace and prayers.

Day 8 (Aṣṭa): Celebrates goddess Mahagauri. Dressed in pink to denote optimism and anticipation, she represents intelligence, peace, prosperity and calmness. After Mahagauri's austerities in the forests of the Himalayas, Shiva cleansed her body with water of the Ganges to restore her body with beauty and glow.

Day 9 (Nava): At last the Goddess Sidhidatri, with four hands sitting blissful on her lotus comes to hallow us with her supernatural healing powers and brings insight to those worshipping her. Also known as Saraswati Devi, Sidhidatri her blissful state of mind is as a crystal clear blue sky.


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