"Knowledge comes to those who are ready to receive. Ongoing studies and development of our intellect, prevents decay of our mind and benefits our spiritual quest." ~ Mata 

Vidyā [Sanskrit: विद्या ] primarily means science, learning, philosophy, scholarship, any knowledge whether true or false.

The Vedas, translated as knowledge from Sanskrit, are the main wisdom books of ancient India. These scriptures, describing practices and ancient wisdom based on natural science are called the Rigveda, Samaveda, Yajurveda and Atharvaveda

Today, Yoga is one of the popular practices described in these texts that is helping many people to change their live style by increasing their higher consciousness through various practices and live more present in harmony with themselves and their environment.


About a year ago I returned to India in search for my spiritual master and ashram to pursuit my spiritual path and to deepen myself in n Vedic Mantra and rituals.


Disappointed by the overpriced commercialised ashrams that had lost touch with the ancient rituals and traditions and swami's that still hadn't mastered their sensors or any other nonspiritual reasons, I decided with the grace of Ishwara (god) to continue the journey alone.

Since one year I am training myself in the practices of a Brahmacharya and studying priestess (Pandit) rituals, Sangit (music) and Vedanta in Varanasi without a Guru and outside an ashram.


This brings many challenges, financing myself not working in seva (as a volunteer) for an ashram is one of them but the  biggest of all is finding teachers.

My new Vedic Mantra teacher became a young man my age, I met in a tea shop in the mountains, who happened to masters this sacred practice and who's passion is Vedanta.


My Pandit who taught me a simple worship was an ex-bank officer who had left his job to continue his work as a priest for people to connect with God.


The second one is funding. When one works in seva (as a volunteer) for an ashram, the ashram looks after the disciple and in return the disciple gains the knowledge from his master.

Unfortunately I have not yet come across my Ashram and therefore decided the go my way.


Since three years I am waiting for this exciting opportunity to officially come to study in India and this year is my chance. that is finally coming into views. This year, I have the right to take admission in the University to commence my studies in Sangit (Indian Classical Music) followed by Sanskrit. Both in order to construct my future life and become a master practitioner in Vedic Mantra Science.

As a teacher, we are students for live and therefore I am seeking for your support to contribute to my further education in Sanskrit, Vedanta and Sangīt in India.

This is my story