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"In gardens in which seeds of Love are sown, incredible flowers bloom
~ The Book of Knowledge ~

Your Astrology in a piece of Art 

(inspired by Vedic Yantra's)


I create small pieces of Art according to your unique star constellation using the Vedic Jyotish (astrology) system. A brief explanation about your astrology, stars, and planets is given along with personal guidance to improve your self-awareness. Helping you to bring more abundance and improving your health and overall well-being.

Other Services
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"Revive, Restore, Heal & Strengthen"

To teach people to move consciously with the breath, in control to strengthen, stabilize and center their bodies.

I work with precise postural alignments & emphasized anatomically correct positions.

- Pre & Post-operative work

- Sport rehabilitation

​- Natural strengthening of the  muscular system using various techniques.

Prāṇāyāma, Sound & Meditation

The essence of silence is sound energy in motion. Breath in the vital forces of life."

Praṇa in Sanskrit means "vital life force", and yama means to gain control. In yoga, breath is associated with the Praṇa, thus, pranayama is a means to elevate the Praṇa shakti, or our vital energies.

Prāṇāyāma is conscious breathing and thus increases our concentration. Eventually all of this breathwork leads to transcending our spirit into silent meditation.

Barefoot Trading

"The art of natural healing with teachings of our magnificent planet Earth"

Simply walk with me, barefooted, and listen to the silent whisper of our planet, the calls of the birds, and the animal world.

Become the silent observer and unite with the forest spirits on the ancient pine trees.

- Guided walks private or in small group

- Silent walks, meditation included

- Location: Solwaster, Jalhay (Spa) or upon request

Private sessions 

min 3-month commitment

(x2/weekly in order to see result)

1.5hr - base fee of 45,90€ or other donations

Private sessions 

min 3-month commitment

(x2/weekly in order to see result)

1.5hr - base fee of 45,90€  or other donations

Private or

Organised groups

6-12km - no shoes - no charges

About me


Following Sanathana Dharma, a philosophy of the East, I hope to inspire & guide people with my work to bring, light, peace, and harmony to their life. 


It is a philosophy that follows the natural laws and orders of the entire universe, cosmos, and life on Earth allowing all living beings to live in bliss, harmoniously and peacefully with each other.

Working in service for the greater good of mankind and for the preservation of our Planet is my strive. In Sevā in Saṃskṛt lit. means ‘to be in the service of’ are actions, performed in full devotion to other beings. 

Since 2013, I work as much as our systems allow, donation-based. To support my work & journey contributions can be made using the PayPal button.

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With Gratitude, love, & light, 

Mata ♥

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