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"The Art of living, in harmony with oneself & nature. Let nature do the healing"

Rituals & Gratitude

"Praise & gratitude to the Devine. The one who gives for us to live. The one who resides inside and lets our inner light shine."


For decades mankind has created rituals, in each tradition, each culture there were different celebrations. Celebrations to remember, to remind us of something we have all forgotten. To remember:

  • Our ancestors, to those we thank for our existence, and our life on earth, birth after birth. Their DNA and wisdom knowledge has been passed on, it is there in our genes and in the core of our being.

  • Our Planet, Mother Earth, Pancha Mama, Ma Bhūmi bringer of life in the matter - that which is made out of 5 elements. She that nourishes, feeds, heals ... The one who gives us land to walk on, shelter for protection, water to drink, bath, wood to burn for heating our inner system when we are undercooled, and air to breathe. 

  • Our Cosmic vibrations, our Gods & Goddess, the embodiment of our Soul, yin & yang, shiva & shakti, masculine & feminine. The sound that we transmit, that which makes us immortal and unifies us with the entire matrix of the galaxy and live on Earth.


"You are what you eat, you are how you eat"

“​The longevity of your life lies within ones consciousness. Be aware of your habits, if not you may become wabbit."

Āyurveda (Sanskritआयुर्वेद) is composed of two words, āyus "life" or "longevity", and Veda, "knowledge". Translated as "knowledge of longevity" or "knowledge of life and longevity".

In ancient times we lived off the land simply with what nature provided us. She (planet Earth) adjusts her nourishments for us in each season, with the changing cycles of climates in the location we live. As our body is a part of her, it is engineered in such a way as to adapt to her ever-changing nature as well as in curing itself when disease arises.


Unfortunately, modernization - technology, economics, and living for sensory pleasures, ... all deceived us from our own inner mechanism and ancestral wisdom. Ideologies and visions of world leaders and commercial brands have manipulated our lifestyle of self-cultivation, and self-healing. All distracting us from living harmoniously with this planet in a self-sustained ecological way. 


The roots of this alternative healing system of Ayurveda lies in the Indian subcontinent. The ancient text (Vedas) is said to derive from Divine revelations and passed on to the sages (wise, seers, mediums) and so to humanity.


Ayurveda therapies have varied and evolved over more than two millennia. Included but not limited are: herbal medicinesspecial, dietsmeditationyogamassagelaxatives

enemas, and medical oils. Preparations are based on complex herbal compounds, minerals, and metal substances (perhaps under the influence of early Indian alchemy or rasa shastra using the healing cycle of the moon). 

The science is based on imbalances of the 5 natural elements classified under three categories called ​"tri-doṣa" translated as "that which can cause problems" ("fault" or "defect"), referring to the types of quantities and qualities that are believed to be present in a person's body and mind. These three types are called : vāta - वात (wind & ether), pitta - पित्त (fire & water), kapha  कफ (water & earth). This basic theory is not only applied in India and Nepal but in many other alternative ancient medicine healing systems.

Muses & Moon Swings

"She shines through the light of the sun,
influencing seas and women's seeds,
nourishing life on Earth where it all begun."

"Soma" refers to Lunar energy, known as cosmic plasma. It is the subtlest form of matter and makes up the essence of Ojas, or essential energy is responsible for vitality, health, and wellness. 

The ancient masters called the Siddha's in Vedic traditions, used these Ojas to heal themselves, other beings, and life on Earth.


Their knowledge of the working of our planet Earth and the entire Cosmos was vast, beyond, and revealed through Divine revelations during deep states of meditations.


They lived every second of the day presently in harmony with nature, in the womb of nature, mostly in solitude, hidden in caves, forests, or on rock formations near water bodies.

Each month, there is a different lunar energy, we used to live and follow the patterns and cycles of the Sun & Moon but the introduction of the Western calendar and clocks have destroyed our natural cycles of being able to live according to the Swings of our Moon.

  • Full moon circles (16 sessions) - or the 16 Nitya devatas (Goddesses), learn the significance of each full moon as a healing tool. (Men & Women)

  • New moon circles - connect with the feminine aspects of your inner tides, circles to share the moments of darkness. (Men & Women)

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