"Our body lives through the life we breathe" ~ Mata

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Working from precise postural alignments and emphasizing 

anatomically correct positions, we move consciously with the breathe, in control to strengthen, stabilize and center our bodies and to create physical balance.

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Restorative Bodywork

and Yoga Therapy 

Post-operative & sport rehabilitation

Reinforcement of stabilizing muscles

Breathing techniques

Virtual coach, therapist & health advisor.

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From sound into silence

“The essence of all sounds is sound energy in motion”


Through chanting we connect with our inner being bringing peace and harmony. Eventually all leads to transcending into silence and merging with the universe.

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Retreats & Workshops

Empower your energy through bodywork.

Purify your body and soul with breathwork and sacred chants.

Reconnect with nature by using your creativity.

Pilates, Yogic practices (incl. pranyama (breathing) and asana) & guided meditation

Educational projects to reconnecting children and youngsters back with ourselves

using nature, meditation and various fun exercises.

The Five Great Element Workshops implements Movement, Sound, Art & Meditation

Art Workshops (drawing / life drawing / painting / landscape sculpting)

Ayurveda and diet (feel the benefits of healthy vegetarian wholefoods)

Contact me here to custom design your retreat or for any other enquires.