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"The Art of living, in harmony with oneself and nature. Let nature do the healing"

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Restorative Bodywork & Yoga Therapy

"Revive, Restore, Heal & Strengthen"

Since my childhood, I have been working with many different doctors, physiotherapists and osteopaths to restore my own knee, displaced by birth, causing other injuries to different body parts. Due to this, I became a certified Pilates and Yoga therapist, studying and applying various healing practices.

​Eventually, it was mainly the work of ancient Siddha Healer who used manipulation techniques combined with natural medicine (ayurveda) and yoga therapy that restored my structure.

Yogic asanas ("exercises") are intented to prepare the body for longer spiritual practices (meditation & pranayama) and energy releases (working on the subtle levels of the body), as well as working with the acupuncture points, the nervoussystem and mental health.

Pilates initially called Contrology was originated by Joseph Pilates in early 1900. His exercise program focuses on the biomechanics of our body developed from his own knowledge in yoga, martial arts, and gymnastics.


Teaching people to move consciously with the breath, in control to strengthen, stabilize and center our bodies and to create physical balance and thus healthy bodies. He worked with precise postural alignments and emphasized anatomically correct positions.

- Pre & Post-operative work

- Sport rehabilitation

​- Reinforcement of the stabilizing muscles

- Woman Health

- Breathing techniques

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“The essence of silence is sound energy in motion. Breath in the vital forces of life."

Pranayama, Sound & Meditation

"Praṇa-yama" > Praṇa in Sanskrit means "vital life force", and yama means to gain control. In yoga, breath is associated with the Praṇa, thus, pranayama is a means to elevate the Praṇa shakti, or our vital energies.

Controlling the breath increases thus our concentration, raising our consciousness (awareness) eventually all of this breathwork leads to transcending our spirit into silent meditation.


Coming at this stage, the breath ceases or is hardly present and we become silent observers, where we are just being present without thoughts.

So we receive the same effect through chanting, Mantras are an ancient designed system that are releasing a subtle frequency influencing us and creating positive vibrations to our environment. We work with the breath (pranayama) and our vital energies.  Moreover, the subtle sound vibrations working on our inner system soothe our mind and body. All this leads, to a meditative state bringing peace, harmony, and bliss within.

"You are what you eat"

Consultation Ayurvedic dietary advice

In ancient times we lived off the land. What nature provides us is simply what we need to survive in the season, with the climates and in the location on Earth we live.


Our body is in fact engineered in such a way that it has a miraculous way of curing itself. Unfortunately due to our Western lifestyle of manipulated, mechanical/imported foods, medicines, vaccines, polluted water ... and being completely disconnected from nature itself - living for pleasure and money, 

we deceived our own inner mechanism. 

To return to our natural state of living, consciously listening to ourselves, our body's needs, and being in tune (observance) with our planet, a lot of self-discipline, patience and faith in Mother Nature is a must.


"Believe in your own body, it's pranic (energy) system (life-energy) and our amrit the rejuvenating life-nectar of the Moon, which resides within.

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"With gratitude to the Siddha Masters"

Natural science of ancient healing

"Soma" refers to Lunar energy, known as cosmic plasma. It is the subtlest form of matter and makes up the essence of Ojas, essential energy is responsible for vitality, health, and wellness. 

The ancient masters, called Siddha's in Vedic traditions, used these Ojas to heal themselves, other beings, and life on Earth.


Their knowledge of the working of our planet Earth and the entire Cosmos was vast, beyond, and revealed through Divine revelations during deep states of meditations.


They lived every second of the day presently in harmony with nature, in the womb of nature, mostly in solitude, hidden in caves, forests, or on rock formations near water bodies.

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