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Igniting the light

As I take the little wooden stick and ignite the light of my candle for my evening prayers I get distracted and catch in the corner of my eye the drawing on the matchbox. A farmer ploughs his land with the help of his two cows. It looks like an old three coloured reduction lino print.

I read Kishan, regd. no. 194390. The Comorin Match Industries PTD. Kovilpatti - 628 501. On the back it says safety matches, there is an email address and the price quotation of MRP. 1.00 Incl. of all taxes.

I don’t think many people give this tiny box some thought but I remember I once read a commentary in a book about 7 years ago that mentioned the absurdity of the value of the matchbox in India. The cost of this small matchbox containing 40 sticks has till today not been changed, just as I had than read, the cost of 1 rupee or 0.0125 euro's is still the same.

Now if you put your business cap on and have a think, for a little card box the size of a biscuit with design and 40 matches we pay 1 rupee taxes included, now where sits the profit, the salary for the employees and the marketing?

While this box light’s up every day, whether it is to get the joy out of your smoke, to light your candle or illuminate your home when there is no power. Perhaps to cook a fantastic meal or make an emergency fire, we give little attention for this great invention.

Although the lighter has come to replace this luminous invention, matches are still worldwide being used. So out of curiosity I quickly researched the history of the matchbox on our super intelligent worldwide. I found out that the first friction matches were invented in 1826 by English chemist John Walker, but its history dates back to 1366 in China were wooden sticks with sulfate where used.

Isn’t it amazing how mankind has gone through such evolution? Creating such great inventions and is still creating new things to bring more comfort in our lives?

It is just unfortunate that we humans have become so absorbed to our date to date routines, habits and the use of great inventions that we forgotten to appreciate how important these little inventions have become.

So dear world I may bore you with my words today. It isn’t just about initiating the light of my candle but to make you stop for one second and give thought, appreciation and respect to the people behind inventions.

The people who work hard to design, create and sell a product. Just for today, whatever it is you’re holding, wearing or whatever it is you’re doing just think for once behind the scenes.

Think about the inventor, the maker, the vendor, all the people who were involved for you to be able to wear your hairband, shoes, to drive, to perform your actions, movements, even the food coming on your plate, the cutlery you’re using, the cup you’re holding or anything else that gives you fulfillment for today …

Just stop for 5 min, give that attention to that object or whatever, get inspired ask questions and search for the answers but mostly appreciate you have it. Treasure it, respect it.

Bless & Love,


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