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"Keep your headlight on" - Happy Diwali

"Even in the deepest dept's there is light in the darkness. Ignite your inner light and let it take an eternal flight." ~ Mata

Keep you're headlight on! ~ Happy Diwali

Diwali is the festival of light.

Leaning up towards the New Moon in October, the darkest night in the year, Hindu’s clean up and renovate their houses (after monsoon). On this auspicious day, India lit up thousands and thousands of oil lamps accompanied with sounds of firecrackers keeping citizens awake night. The Hindu’s evoke and welcome the Goddess Laxmi into their homes, the female deity that represents, joy, happiness, material wealth and spiritual well-being. It is believed that she roams on the Earth this day and enters the house that is pure, clean, and bright.

The Ramayana (Indian Epic) tells the story of the return of Sri Ram (incarnation of Lord Vishnu) with Sita and Laxma after they had lived in exile in the forest for 14 years. During all those years the citizens of Ayodhya were in great darkness, sadness and depression longing for their return. So when Ram finally returned home they lit up there houses with an oil lamp to welcome back Lord Ram into their hearts and lives.

The significance of this festival is much more than fireworks and candle lights. Astrological this is also the darkest night of the year and the start of a new season. On this particular night the Earth draws a lot of energies and attention from the spiritual world including darkness.

To prevent us from being affected by the negative energies the Rishi's (great wise poets) gave us a big party to makes us worship the divine and feel blissful after. To remind us to stay light even in times of great darkness. To prevent us from walking on a path of depression, lust and desire but to be here to enjoy every present moment.

Just as Rumi quotes: “In the darkest moments, wait with no fear.”

So keep you're headlight on and may the divine bless you with eternal inner light.

Happy Diwali,

Love and Light,


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