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“Snow-white and the seven dwarfs”

The 7 men that lead to perfection

One intoxicated night, I sat and talked. My friend by my side she captured how I balked. She laughed and called my talk “Snow-white with her seven dwarfs” … It was about a girl, who wanted to stay independent and free, tho she sought the perfect man to join her and concluded, “I need seven men.”

The first one would be the Happy Householder, the perfect father for your children, the responsible one who knows how to teach and entertain, always jolly he helps with all family things around.

The second one is the Passionate Artist, he that goes mad, dives into his creations, and takes you with him into a mad world filled with a hallucid danses and lunatic fantasies.

Number three is the off-road explorer, the adventurer who isn’t afraid to go off-road, crosses fences and has no problem getting naked, pure and natural. Do not mistake him for the adrenaline addict-seeking guy running after his endorphins, like the rock climber, free-ride surfer, or paraglider … they too classify under the passionate artist. That kindle their fire in their madness. They challenge life, do not understand consequences nor do they consider anything as dangerous. No the off-road explorer is simpler, he’s fully in peace being tuned in to the wild side of life.

The fourth, comes with (un)wanted roses at your door, he’s mr. Romantic, understanding, and embracing your needs. He adores your wholeness as a woman, your fluctuating sensual feminine playfulness. He’s there taking care of your needs, giving you warmth, comfort, accepting all your bittersweet.

After that warm embrace comes the boring “Financer”. He knows how to calculate, always analyzing. It's important to keep him at a safe distance as he may want to control, while instead, we need him to be there using his intellect and mind’s sharpness to circulate and succeed. Not to create boundaries but to create an intellectual tool to progress rather than to hold us.

Of course as the independent woman we are, we cannot quite be multi-skilled at all. As much as she tried, she knew nothing about the car, little she understood electronics, nor could her force start the hand lawnmower or handle the heavy tools. Here came the “handsome handyman”, the one women look up to when they fail.

At last, there was the last, whom he could be? He was just there, in case one of the others would hail. And so the story would end with the perfect friend.


Do not look for perfection in the outward world, perfection lies within. We can only perfect one-selves. Strive to control your mind, your thoughts, and your sensory perception. Dogs follow their nose, a perfect human doesn't. He/She observes, analyses, waits, and acts accordingly.

Often our entangled relationships show us the way within. They may hold different mirrors revealing how we look at things, how we think, judge, and perceive. Perfect yourself till you no longer judge, no longer follow your speech, your ears, your eyes, your nose, and your sensory impulse of touch, ... accept all that you may receive and you will find your perfect friend.

~ Mata ~

August 2023 (initially written in Sydney, Australia 2010-11)

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